# Hardware

The CDEM - Connected Digital Energy Meter device is a standalone PCB that can be directly connected to a Belgian digital electricity meter. It can then read the P1 port of the digital meter and send that information to an MQTT broker.


🎉 Standalone PCB

The newer versions of the PCB (v4.0 and up) are stand-alone devices and require no external power supply. They draw their energy from the digital meter.

All hardware is open source and can be modified to fit your own needs. Feel free to download the KiCad project files (opens new window) at Github.

# Ordering Your Own CDEM

Due to the number of small components we advice you to order an assembled PCB, rather then solder it yourself.

When ordering your PCB you will need to upload the following information:

# Suppliers

We can advice the following suppliers :

# RJ12 Cable

Connecting the Connected Digital Energy Meter to the Fluvius Digital meter requires an RJ12 cable with 6 internal wires.

RJ12 Cable

When ordering cables one of the cheapest distributors with the wides range of products is AlleKabels (opens new window). You can choose the length according to your setup.

🕵️ Check Connections

Make sure that the RJ12 cable has 6 wires and that both sides have the wires in the same order.

# Casing

To safely take your Connected Digital Energy Meter in operation we recommend putting it into a decent casing. This protects the PCB from dust and such and also makes sure the electronics cannot be short circuited by accident.

A case that fits is the 1591XXM from HAMMOND (opens new window).


You can order this case on Conrad (opens new window).

You will need to make a small adjustment to the box. A small opening will need to be made in the box for the RJ12 connector. You can do this using a small saw or cutter.

If you wish you can mount the PCB inside the case using 4 small 1/4" self-tapping screws, but it is not a requirement.

# 3D Printing Case

If you have a 3D printer at your disposal you can also 3D print your own case.

Render CDEM Case

CDEM - Casing (opens new window) is a FreeCAD (opens new window) drawing that contains a basic case which can be easily 3D printed. Feel free to alter it as you wish.