# Troubleshooting

TODO - Work in Progress

Reading the debug messages

General troubleshooting

If your setup doesn't do the expeceted you can folow these problem detecting steps:

  1. Are both led's on your CDEM both green? If not:

    • check the cable connecting your CDEM with your digital meter
    • check if you have a wifi connection
    • check if your mqtt broker is up and running
  2. Is the data being published to your MQTT broker?

    • check with MQTT Explorer if the data is being published
  3. Is your influxdb and grafana running?

    • check if your influxdb and grafana is up and running.
  4. Are you connected to internet?

    • Check if you have internet connection in your network. If not, it is possible that your network is unable to reach a DNS server and therefore has trouble locating your devices.